Wednesday, June 18, 2008

e-mail subscriptions

I got an e-mail from just a little while ago. I'll be damned if I wanted it but they apparently thought I was a regular on their list.
That just wasn't so because I hadn't seen an e-mail from them since, I don't know, the Kerry candidacy. If I had seen it I certainly didn't pay any attention to it because I don't care for where they are coming from anymore.
They started out as an organization that wanted to stop the GD impeachment, now you hear of MoveOn as a group that wanted Gore's concession in 2000. Move on, get over it, you know. Nobody even cares what the truth is anymore but the truth is they were a group that wanted to stop the impeachment of President Clinton.
Now they're just looney tunes practicing ward politics, I think. That's what Mother Jones compared the new politics that Kerry brought with him, the renewed vigor of the Democratic Party, it's youth movement and registration of new voters in 2004.
It didn't inspire me when I thought about sitting on a corner all day holding a sign that said Kerry/Edwards, Betty Castor and whoever that candidate for congress was.
But MOJO is HARD HITTING JOURNALISM and couldn't say "that would be unfair" like CBS did for G.W.
So, I cancelled my subscription and one of the options, they had a drop down text box where you coud select with a click, was support for Obama. I just clicked it and didn't do any writing for them. But later I thought, since when have they been sending me e-mails?

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