Monday, July 28, 2008

Protesters in Gainesville

I got an e-mail from a gay politician running for state senate down south. His name is Mark LaFontaine. One of my favorite teachers in high school was named LaFontaine. She got her name through marriage. Still it is a name that stands out to me.
In town today as I went to go shopping I came across a crowd that was protesting the legality of men using women's bathrooms and the opposite. The signs said nothing about it's being legal and I never knew it to be and apparently these people want some laws put on the books on the subject. I don't think we need them. Cultural norms should be the rule. I don't use public rest rooms often so I really don't care. If a woman is taking a piss where I do, what do I care? As long as people are friendly and courteous what's the difference?
It's a gender identity issue.
I was impressed in my old museum visiting days to see the Florida Museum of Natural History had unisex facilities. I didn't go in but I think that is a good thing. It's the only instance in Gainesville that I know of unisex facilities. BRAVO!!! to them I say! We should get past seeing each other according to gender and see the divine self in all.

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