Saturday, January 1, 2011

Women, Girls

I remember when I was younger I thought about women, exactly the women I wanted, exactly the kinds of sexual activity I wanted to have. That has changed. I noticed how it changed today.

I don't chase women anymore. I hardly even talk to them. When I do talk to them they usually don't like me. I, egotist, I gay, I chauvinist, I suck. Same to they.

It's our thinking that makes them suck. Krishnas and Siddha hate each other because that's what they think. Oh, wait, it's what I think. It's only natural that what I read in the the Bhagavatam is that the impersonalists are worse than the Buddhists. At least the Buddhists, says Prabhupada, completely deny the Vedas, but the impersonalist just twist their meaning all about.

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