Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, I did it. I made satsang tonight in Gainesville.
How neat and clean they keep the place.
I had been concerned about spots on my pictures and
I mailed the art professional who framed them and he
told me to use a glass cleaner with no amonia. The
Siddha Yoga group did a good job of cleaning those
pictures but everything was very clean. I was glad I
showered before I went and wore a scented oil, sandalwood,
and my meditation cap.
We sang Om Guru Jaya Guru Satchidananda Guru and then
meditated. I had a very good meditation. I was also able to
sit cross legged throughout. I was helped with an asana cushion
I bought years ago and my white woolen blanket.
It was a nice night. I should have brought a shawl but instead
I had my sweater which I through around my shoulders when
it got cool.
I am conscious of how vain this all sounds but it was a small
group of people. I was the only man. There were 4 women
besides me all of whom I remembered from years ago when
I went more regularly to satsang in Gainesville, FL.

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