Monday, August 1, 2011

The President

You know I clearly don't get the president when he is a democrat the way I get him when he is a republican. There seems to be much less pomp and circumstance, authority in his government. I always look at the administration with its cabinet as very powerful and beyond me but apparently I'm not supposed to have so much respect for a president of my country if he is someone I voted for. Then he sucks. I hear it everywhere. No, here is no, PRESIDENT, listen and obey, now it's PURESSIDENT, spit on and despise.

I recently took a visit to White I rarely did that under Bush, but actually had to when I was trying to defeat him. I couldn't stand looking at his ugly puss and LAURA, the sweeter than sweet wife and mother of the drunkard daughters. Why she never came to the fore and gave those kids a good licking hasn't been told.

Now the GOP appears to be cooking up a big female candidate in 2012, Palin or Bachmann or Palin and Bachmann. Wouldn't that be a ticket?!!! I hardly hear the other names in the race, Pawlenty and whomever. Looks like Romney is already shot down in many articles I see. I wonder if they are going to push their mighty Congress which has just made the Senate and the President back down. Will they dare to run a congressman for President, Eric Cantor or Mitch McConnell? God those guys are ugly. Could it by Rand Paul will run? Like Palin, why not run after serving but 2 years in office? They are already running on television if you ask me. Steal from the poor and give to the rich is their motto. You would swear that was the American Credo. Somehow they twist it all around to make the poor the bad guys and the rich the good. Well, who the hell owns the tv networks, right? Who owns the news? Haven't we been talking about that, buyouts by the right wing of news and journalism. The press is supposed to be black and white but the Murdoch's and Rev. Sun Myung Moon's want it to be yellow.

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