Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now that I have finally found the post button here I've almost forgotten, oh, yeah. I posted to Sun Opinions at Facebook about voting for Alex Sink. I wish she had won instead of this ape Scott. I had a problem as a supporter with hanging around with her. The problem was Alex moved to the center and I am over here on the left. So, I couldn't let it be. Our differences got kind of profiled. The minimum wage, what it was, was a big thing. Not really, you know. The tax cut for the rich. She went to the right, I think on that, big issue for the left. Looked like we hated one another, and yet Scott continued to depict her as Molly Ivins, the late political columnist. Not so great to be compared to someone who died of cancer a couple of years before the election but she was a woman and a smart one. The telephone thing? Hard to see the big deal there. Was that really cheating. Nobody questioned what debating rules really should be. It was more like an error than to have cheated. What did she gain from the text? Nothing that I know of. She just did it. Debating is like a game in the universities. They give and take points. Not so in public political debates. She lost by very little, I understand. Kendrick Meek didn't help much. His debates with Crist and Rubio were a time for the GOP to take shots at Alex who was doing well against Scott at the time.
Now Scott is trying to change the voting rolls before the election. He wants to eliminate traditional democratic voters. He wants to help his friend Rubio who may be on the ticket. Rubio did him a solid, attacking Sink in the debates with Meek, mentioning her support of the tax cuts, so Scott needs to do him one back. Politics, but they say it isn't.

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