Thursday, September 27, 2012


Last night I dreamt my friend Tom was with me, came to my house, sat in the rockin' chair on the right side of the living room, ate ice cream and watched television. I had been trying to make a call on the cell phone to my mom, who never had a cell phone and is graduated as they say in the Urantia Papers. It means dead. Sorry, mom. Would you go for passed away? Sister Barbara had arguments about that in the 60's. Current, controversial arguments they were, that Barb had. So, mom and she was at home and there were lots of young guys there, teens, really, maybe short college guys, but they were fast and all about. Tommy kind of cleared them guys out when he came in. Bill was in the dream too and apparently protecting mom, looked like some really old (and fat) muscle for mom. Mom was like that, she always had inadeqate aid. Like me. That was really my position. Bill had taken my position as mom's caretaker, though she never really needed a caretaker until that last year when she had given up driving and was feeling so tired much of the day.
It was quite a dream. I may post more dreams here as they come up. Okay?

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