Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh, To Marry Mayi

Watching Holy Smoke the other day there was supposed to be a wedding with the Master. It was the taking of sannyas. That's renunciation of various worldly experiences. The Krsna books used to explain it as brahmacarya and then sannyasi. The brahmachari assists the sannyasi in his duties. Sannyasi is before full devoteehood, I think. Anyway, renunciation and family have famously been bad mixes. It is like the closeness disappears. I believe the closeness disappears when we become adults, 18 and now some try to stretch it back to 21 and there are those who say you must look 30. I don't know. Anyway, just passed through my mind. It's an edge. You didn't want material things. They're not giving you material things. How sweet. But why was I living with mama for 29 years instead of in an ashram? You know that wasn't their thing. They didn't care for any of that shit. Give THEM that old time religion, Jesus and the church and a new Cadillac and to hell with my hippie shit. Didn't know Elvis would become that but apparently so. Om

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