Friday, February 8, 2013

The Lack of Charity

I am disappointed that my family members cannot find charity in their hearts. In fact they get quite upset at the mention of any kind of  charity toward me. It's as if I lived high on the hog for decades and they lived in utter poverty and in that poverty they came to me and asked for help and I turned them away. But that was not so.

There is no need to go into the history.

One reflects on the Bible and other scriptures and wonders why people who read and study those scriptures are so hard or heart.

I have gone back to school and in going back I have only incurred more debt. $8,000 appears to be the round figure. I have been able to use some of that for my personal needs. There was an excess beyond my books and tuition that they were willing to give to me. It was around 2,200. It lasted I guess a couple of months. I remember when I spent $2,000.00 a month. There was no one around to slow me down in those days. No one whose love alone might have changed my need for one thing and another. The needs arose because of a lack in my life. I suppose any lawyer would have a field day with that. Whose fault was the lack? Just yours wasn't it? Your family had nothing to do with it. Well, yes, I say if they also had nothing to do with my graduating high school and community college or being well liked as a fellow and a friend.

D.R. Butler's next group of lessons I am reading now involve themselves with relationships. Relationships came up in my first psychology class Interpersonal Effectiveness. Adidam Samraj whose books I looked into years ago spoke of a relationship with the Spiritual Master. He spoke about the avoidance of this relationship. It sounded as if he was speaking generally but then he narrowed it down to say the one very important relationship that we constantly avoided was the one with our Perfect Master.

D.R. says we ourselves are responsible for our own misery. I guess, therefore, forgive the misers.

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