Monday, March 18, 2013


Had a great dream last night where I inadvertently offended some Buddhists. A beautiful Asian woman was part of the dream and I ended up converting myself to Jesus and telling her to love Jesus.

In another dream I was delivering Chicago style pizza. The pizza was a bit overdone said the cook who said he had to go to the bathroom and it got overdone. I was read to deliver the pizza but I was getting confused by the an attractive waitress giving me the details of the delivery procedure. There were some numbers on a ticket I had to write and I kept forgetting what they were.

I read a little bit of Sally Kempton's Awakening Shakti last night about Bhuvaneshvara. Today I am reading about Lakshmi. Chanted the Mahalakshmyastakam. Little hint, when you chant the Mahalakshmyastakam you should chant it three times at one sitting. It may be that some folks chant it at 3 different times during the day but when we once had a Mahalakshmi ceremony at the center, we bathed Ganesh and sang the song 3 times. It says one who chants it 3 times every day will receive great blessing including the destruction of the ego.

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