Monday, June 3, 2013

The Sinful Society

I came across this page at Tamarind Free Jones page. It was one of her likes. It was called The Sinful Society. I hate that all thing sexy are called sinful but I live with it. I understand the tension between the parties contending that sex is sin and those that say it is not. Tamarind is one of, the daughters, I think 3 of the late Adidam Samraj. She sings very pretty and well and is very pretty and I think in her mind quite well.

Another find for me is Joni Mitchell's page. I haven't listened to Joni in ages but Joni Mitchell Fans posted a video of her singing in a live performance as a younger artist and I remembered our love. Then I found Joni's official website and registered there. Judy Collins, in her book, Suite Judy Blue Eyes; My Life in Music, speaks of Joni's chain smoking back in the days of Both Sides Now and of how she tried to become friends but never did. Judy writes of her own drinking problem in that book. It's funny, you would think they would be close friends but you know there was an intense amount of talent around in those circles in those days. In fact I think Joni sings of the Chelsea Hotel and that's a place Judy also speaks about.
I loved Joni in the 70's and was able to get to a concert of hers one year in Jacksonville. It was supposed to be a smaller venue but that sold out and they moved it to the larger Jacksonville Coliseum where the crowd looked like just a smattering of loyal followers. My friend and I were able to get close to the stage and even got roses though I can't remember exactly how that came about. Joni in Florida was something. I identify her with the ocean and the beach and to see her in Florida where those things are part of that state's identity was kind of nice. Most of what she sang and performed was released in the Miles of Aisles album. The title expresses the great emptiness of the large venue she was moved to for the Jacksonville concert.
With this page I am keeping with TOPM's instruction to be conscious of the good, keep it present in the mind.

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