Friday, August 30, 2013

Science and THAT (which is YOU)

 In their review and analysis of 59 studies of the effects of child sexual abuse (CSA), Rind et al. concluded that “CSA does not cause intense harm on a pervasive basis regardless of gender in the college population” (p. 46). After their research was promoted by pedophilia advocacy sites on the Web, “Dr. Laura” (talk show host, Laura Schlessinger) characterized the article as endorsing adult sex with children (not the investigators’ intention) and criticized the American Psychological Association for publishing the study in its prestigious journal, Psychological Bulletin (Ondersma et al., 2001). In 1999 the U.S. House of Representatives responded to negative media attention by passing unanimously a resolution of censure of the research reported in this article. Also, scientific debate over the controversial findings continues, with criticisms and rebuttals appearing in Psychological Bulletin (Dallam et al., 2001; Ondersma et al., 2001; Rind, Tromovitch, & Bauserman, 2001), other journals, and books. Such public criticisms of research findings, even findings based on solid, empirical science, appear to be a growing trend. Legal, administrative, and political attacks arise from those who oppose research findings because of strongly held personal beliefs or financial interests (Loftus, 2003). These attacks can have the unfortunate consequence of impeding legitimate scientific inquiry and debate. ( Research Methods In Psychology (8th ed), Shaughnessy, J. (2008). McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. Retrieved from )
There is a lot in the book as I read it that I tend to hear as attacking consciousness, you know, meditation and yoga, my spiritual "science," but the quote above makes me mindful of the powerful forces of the Christian right. A man who challenges Christianity who followed Baba, Swami Muktananda, Joseph Chilton Pearce is interviewed in a video I found on YouTube. You may like to watch it.

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