Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From my PSY 363 A01 class journal

How I wish there were some other way to incorporate this knowledge without the constant papers.
A mentor or some other stimulating physical presence who knows and understands these things
would be my preference. The jargon and language (I am not being redundant) is so difficult and
without a class that meets and people talking it is so hard to "imbibe" as a friend of mine used to
How am I going to use this in my profession is a question one friend I met through Argosy classes
asked me. What did she need with algebra, she queried. I wish I could talk to more class mates
but so far this mother of 3 has been the only one. Some have reached out to me in e-mails asking
for help in some classes.
I sent my paper to the SmartThinking tutor and she said the quotes alone leave readers hanging. I
think she was saying readers don't really get the research article and need some summing up or
something by the writer. It has been the source of some suffering for me the past week. I seem to
start to resent authorities. I remember not finishing college when I was in my 20's. I was in my 3rd
year (as I still am) but I couldn't get off of academic probation. I kept imagining I had one year to
go but so much difficulty. I was told I had to petition to get back in school if I could not raise my
average to 2.0 (from 1.2) in one quarter (as opposed to semesters which came later at that school).
It was called Temporary Suspension. I gave up at that point. I didn't even know what petitioning
was. When I returned to the community college I graduated from in 1974 they had me petition to
be allowed to pursue courses in information technology. It was a really simple thing, just paper work.
The tutor also noticed I had some sentence fragments in my paper. Terrible.
I was praised for my writing when I started here at Argosy but now I am not writing so well, it seems.
And I have had computer difficulties, freezing up and not being able to get system restore to work. I
have had to "refresh" Windows 8 and that mean reinstalling programs like my Open Office and Norton
Internet Security as well as Google Chrome. In addition (this is not internal locus) I have had trouble
with doctors at the health clinic who were not happy with my most recent blood work. The blood
sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol were all up. My blood pressure seems to be good though. I
don't like it when doctors get ugly. In fact I left before seeing a doctor because I knew the doctor
they were sending me to and I believed he was going to get ugly with me. I asked not to be sent to
him but I didn't think they were going to fulfill my wishes so I went home without a needed prescription
for blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure has been so good, though. I don't care. I got very
upset. I am without transportation and have to WALK everywhere. My money is running low so I
try to avoid the bus. "Oh, God won' you buy me a Mercedes Benz?" sang Janis Joplin but my friends
don't have Porsches.

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