Friday, January 10, 2014

From my Journal in PSY 360 A02 at Argosy University

I guess you wonder why I keep making entries since you have said you never read these.
Oh, well, who knows?
I remember a great controversy over relevancy in the schools. I find the east very
relevant. It is hard for me to see psychology and the spiritual path uniting. Maybe it has
to do with my own social circles, what's become of them. Boy, they have devolved and
evolved over the years. I had no career so that must have affected it. So, why no career?
Yeah, good question and one I will leave the sociologists to answer. Maybe karma though
speaks to it, I dunno. Is it having something to do with popularity or something. I am going
to copy this post to my blog, it's so clear.
J. Krishnamurti had criticisms for people he said, "analyze."  I can't find the quote now but
it was in "The Awakening of Intelligence." Perhaps the setting of the instructions and concepts
offered here in Argosy are my problem, less than the concepts themselves. Maybe it is because
the concepts are created for younger folks with less life experience or a different life experience,
full of science and logic classes. So often our teachers are quite like ourselves. When I went to
school in the 70s all teachers were like me, western, popular music, even long hair and pot
smoking. So, we related to the teacher and understood what the teacher had to offer. Now, the
teaching seems to have been predesigned here at Argosy and the teacher is just a facilitator. I
failed at the university level. I got on academic suspension and I understood that all schools would
reject me. I had a chance at Naropa Institute but my parents were only working class and I had no
in state status and so I could not imagine going there when I visited in 1975. Our society is so sure it
is on the right path by being exclusive and of high standards. It changed my life not being able to
go to school, see peers and thinkers on the same level.. I did resent the large school, a state
university because, exactly, there was no eastern view offered. Allen Ginnsberg visited and read
poems and Ram Dass visited, but a real study of eastern philosophy is a void at the University of
Florida and I figure all the other Florida universities. It takes some real focus to get next to some of
these assignments. It is almost like fixing one's computer. It takes quite a bit of analysis.

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