Sunday, July 3, 2016

Body, mind and wealth

We used to sing t his song, Gurudeva Hamara Pyara (To Our Beloved Guru) at the beginning of satsangs at the Informal Siddha Meditation Center in the 90's. I have been singing it again on my own. I am getting closer to it. One line says, one should know the Guru to be one's own body, mind and wealth. I like that.
Originally my key line in the song was He is our life's support. Of course with Gurumayi now the Guru that would be She is our life's support.
Gurudeva hamara pyara hai jivana ko adhara
Gurudeva hamara pyara hai jivana ko adhara.

The mind, the ego. Aren't they the same? Yes. D.R. Butler says ego is part of the mind, the Antakharana and indeed now I am learning it is a tattva (which means truth). A little ad here for Splendor of Recognition. It is by Swami Shantananda who you may like to know is Puerto Rican. He also has a lisp but I haven't seen or heard him in a video or live at an event in so long. That was the big think in 1992. He had a lisp. One of the swamis in Siddha Yoga.

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