Friday, March 28, 2008

Misogyny on the Left

Wasn't a woman president of Nicaragua? She wasn't a member of the military and she defeated Daniel Ortega. Ortega is back though and I don't know much about the elections in Nicaragua, I think its wonderful they have them as does Iran, but I think Ortega has won out and become president again.
I was just thinking of him because I think the Left is misogynist. Mao, Lenin, Castro - all men and the things they asked of the people are quite manly. Oh, don't forget the very masculine Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the ruthlessly male Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.
I also don't know much about that but there are the books by Solzhenitsen.
The last time I saw him he was at one of those right wing religious preacher's places giving a talk, I guess. He seems to support the right in America. He should get together though with Dalai Lama now that the Dalai Lama is here that would be a wonderful relationship. I wonder if they have ever met.
The Left has told the women on the Left forget about Hillary. She is her husband's pawn. She is not going to be the people's president. That will be Obama, the black - and I hope you don't listen closely to this, - man.
Does that sound mean to you? Yeah, well I used to read Mother Jones but last year my mother died and I didn't have the time. The last good thing I saw in their magazine was the project to give housing to the homeless, that is help them learn to take care of themselves. It was a great issue.
But then there is Salon. I have enjoyed a lot of articles in Salon. I don't remember one right now. I liked the TableTalk even though I could not find a sould who believed in a Guru, something I still find unusual on this side of the political spectrum. I used to listen to Air America once in a while. My mom and I like Al Franken and that lovely young woman who co-hosted his show.
I used to subscribe to a magazine called American Prospect. I got a check back from them for my cancellation today. Well, indeed, with my mother dying my life is changing, but I don't read those things much anymore and with their support running against Hillary I hate to read them.
I have read some things on death by Adidam Samraj, a man respected by scholars but apparently unknown by the college graduates supporting Obama. Oh that's in the above poll how Obama leads among the college educated. Christ, I hope he is not misogynist. He says he is who I am. He is called the Avatarically Divine Sage, but he has many names.
I have followed Gurumayi Chidvilasananda for many years. I had a longing today to go up to New York and see her. Low fares from Jacksonville advertised at Travelocity and I think that's the one that William Shatner plugs. She used to send things about programs going on at the ashram but I haven't seen (that very complicated thing) in a long time.
I was going to ask her for a job. I looked at her picture and knowing her I thought to myself - but aren't the jobs right here. Yeah, I was thinking the Guru Gita the other day - it says you are my mother, and so forth and so not being too dumb I thought, you are my job.
Gurumayi you know, is a woman.

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