Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Love Her Blog

Taylor Marsh has a wonderful blog. I don't know if she's a Reagan Democrat. She says so but that's not the latest post. It's about Obama's claims that he takes no money from the oil companies.
I've heard a lot of this and I believe he is caught in a lie here. I had to ask myself, is that what it means to be black. The statement is called slick at FactCheck.org.
That's what got the mind going. Slick and black, they always go together but I don't think that is what black people want black to mean. It has meant loyalty over the decades but it must also stand for character because after all we should be judged by our strength of character and not the color of our skin. That's what Martin Luther King said.

And it's a big argument, this being black. Just a few years ago I heard black girls who were making excellent grades in school were demeaned by their peers as being not black.
Is being slick, black or is it having that white filling.
And what will the heroes call blue whenever they hear about THAT.
I read a letter to the New York Times by Jeremiah Wright. He claims the Times really ripped him off in an interview using only what the chose to use. I noticed in the letter he had said to the Times reporter, according to him, that Obama knew of Sufism. I have a lot of respect for Sufism.
Luckily the reverend didn't paint Obama as one of those Guru nuts, though, like Gov. Moonbeam of 2 and a half decades ago.

Read here what Obama had to say about "religion" in 2006. And look through the comments because I made a comment on it.

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