Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pennsylvania Race

I posted to Taylor Marsh that I was happy that Hillary got her 3 million dollars by April 1, but it hurt.
Now, after we gave Hillary all that money we read about the race tightening.
Yeah, well there hasn't been a debate yet.
When they say things like Obama winning with Democratic conservatives I wonder what that is about. You know Paul Krugman called Obama's fiscal policies conservative. Is that what they like or do they like a man who doesn't give a promise to get out or Iraq in 60 days. After what his foreign policy advisor Samantha Power said about his having to wait and see I am afraid we might see the hawk in Obama if let into the White House.
And it's not just Iraq. Many called for intervention in Darfur. That could be okay if you know what you are doing. Hillary's husband Bill did not know what he was doing in Somalia when the famous Black Hawk Down incident happened. It was a shame but he made up for it in Kosovo.
Hillary can't claim to be her husband and I think we are really seeing her come out from under his shadow lately. I think it is a problem with President Clinton that makes people think that Hillary will not tell the truth and allows Obama's team to continually call her a liar.
We know of course that President Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky, but we hate lying because it isn't playing fair and who could call the Ken Starr investigation or the Supreme Court's decision that President Clinton could be sued while in office, fair?
Convenienly fair. Never before has that been allowed and I don't see Dick Cheney who is being sued having to go to court while he is office. It makes it very difficult for a president to manage the nation's business.
It's something to learn more about if your a college student studying law and the Oval Office.

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