Friday, April 25, 2008

Over at the Martians'

All ma gooooood writin' is being over there at the Martians.
Hear is some of the theengs I wroted over there.

When I see these things about terrorist connections I think of LINK TV. There was a show there called Democracy NOW and I think a lot of you here would enjoy it but they did have some coverage of Al-Jazeera there. Hope I've spelled it right and it was controversial and I think Bush was caught on tape talking about what he was going to do to this network and it caused quite a stir. There was even talk of impeachment over it.
I now have forgotten what that was all about.
But you know another associations thing occurred here in Florida in the race for the Senate between Betty Castor and Mel Martinez. There was a man generous to I think, the Palestinian cause, and his contributions sometimes went to some organizations now characterized as terrorist organizations.
Of course there were also four hurricanes that year that came through our invalid state. I can't name them all but I remember Frances.
Oh, yeah this was about the Reverend.
I fear I post a little too much.

And too long.

But I have problems with Christianity. I don't believe in the Paschal Lamb. I don't believe Jesus died for the sins of man.

I do believe Jesus was murdered.
I have read that our backward and misguided world can take the blame.

I don't believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus. I believe he reappeared to the Apostles and others in a spiritual form.

And I believe in a spiritual master.

There was bigotry in Rev. Wright's remarks and I am familiar with bigotry not as a black person but as what was once known as a "hippie" and as a follower of an underesteemed spiritual path.
I have heard so much mocking of the spiritual path, comments on its limits (nobody wants to give up "everything" meaning sex, drugs and rock and roll), and on its downright irrationality (do you think this world does not exist?).
It isn't fair to project but I imagine a Rev. Wright, whom we have been told was a marine, talking about the OTHER LORD, a Krishna or a Shiva or a Buddha, damning them and talking about the superiority of his Jesus.
It's a bigotry that I guess American TV would not see. They only understand about Amerikkka. But when he talked about Italians and j\Jews in other sermons (or were they other sermons) I picked up on how he loved the Lord Jesus and all other concepts of God could go str8 to HELL.
That far left, out of the war, share the wealth politic always has a devoted Christian they can endorse for president. I guess they are having difficulty making the Guru a Marxist.

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