Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stealing Cars?

I saw a little big of Joe in the Morning today. I have it on a season pass in my TiVo but seriously I don't watch but little bits and drabs of it. Actually, I'm afraid. I'm afraid of network news and the kinds of ugly things they are going to say about my friend Hillary or her husband or maybe even Chelsea or anyone who supports her campaign.
So, on Joe in the Morning it's a big flap that Bill Clinton mentions stealing cars. He's talking about Obama not taking money from oil companies and he mentions no one being allowed to take money from oil companies. So he imagines an ad that says and guess what I don't steal cars.
So, immediately the "other" guy on Joe in Morning, the one less famous, says some people will take that the wrong way. Of course, Obama people, will take it and twist into something racist rather than answer this bullshit that no one can take oil money.
He seemed to be implying that black people steal cars. That it's something the racist white people have accused black people of for years, CAR THEFT.
I just wasn't aware of that. I thought maybe the MOB stole cars. Saw a lot of that on The Sopranos. It's just something you aren't allowed to do.
Hillary has been advocating some program to reduce crime, in particular murder, but no one could equate murder with stealing cars. It had to be a racist jibe. And of course they had to miss the point of Obama's declarations about taking money from oil companies.
Not since New York basketball fans used to flatter basketball great Walt (Clyde) Frazier have I ever heard of black people and auto theft. But then Clyde was only said to have hands so quick he could take the hubcaps off of a car moving at 60 miles an hour. Was that a racist thing to say? We are all aware of car theft. I've never heard it associated with any particular ethnic group except perhaps the young.

I fast forwarded through that Joe in the Morning and they seemed to have dedicated a lot to former President Clinton's remarks. Chris Matthews appeared. They said they were going to have Axelrod but I didn't see him. But then I was fast forwarding.

If this is the most unbiased show toward Hillary Clinton I would hate to tune into the others and I don't.

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