Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boy, I sure like Hillary.

I was with my brother today. He came down from N.C. and woke me up at 4 in the afternoon.
I came home after he went anti-nomination on me at my step-brother's house. There was no fight I just didn't have the "superior" argument, you know like christians who say they are saved by the death of Lord Jesus do.
So, I came home and I found at Taylor's some folks were negative about Kennedy's seizure. She closed the comments down on that particular post.
I am not sure if I said anything negative because I had checked to see if anything bad had happened to Kennedy before I posted. One fellow did say he thought it was God's vengeance for his support of Obama. He wasn't serious I know but still I don't agree with this particular point that wealth or wellness have anything to do with God's grace.
Although I have just bought a picture of Mahalakshmi who is the Goddess of Wealth in Hinduism and I have chanted her hymn Shri Mahalakshyastakam Stotram. I have been warned that she bestows spiritual wealth. On the other hand another hymn I chant, Shri Guru Gita says it bestows not only spiritual liberation but worldly fulfillment as well.
Still, I have read a book called THE URANTIA BOOK and it took issue with this very thing. I don't know if it were an Archangel's paper or a Midwayer's but it said exactly what I just said that these outward shows of prosperity and wealth have nothing to do with a person't disposition toward God.
I get a little upset that my own reading gets such little attention. Nobody makes movies of books I've read and there are no television shows exploring the statements of the books I've read except to damn them in certain instances.
In this respect I haven't seen Sen. Kennedy do anything to stop deprogramming for instance, or to creat financial aid for those who would want to follow these Spiritual Paths.
There was a Senator who had a stroke just before my mother had one. What has become of him. Nobody cares about him because he is not a president's brother. Geraldine Ferraro has a serious disease nobody spoke about when her name came up in the press over her comments and President Clinton had a heart attack in 2004 that abbreviated his involvement in the 2004 presidential campaign.
Do you hear the way RFK, Jr. speaks? I know his son has asthma but I am not sure I know what's wrong with him. Has he switched his commitment to Hillary? A news reporter said George McGovern had once supported Hillary and switched. I wonder about RFK, Jr. who has a video over at supporting Hillary.
He must live in California and when that race was over so was his involvement.
He has environmental concerns and it was good to see that he was on our side.
He and the son of Caesar Chavez.
I'll have to think about them when Tom Hanks comes on again.

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