Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Veterans Benefits - 1977

They are fighting over education for our veterans.
I have nothing against education for them but you know I resent some of the privelege veterans get like 10 points on civil service exams.
I am not a veteran.
I also fear gay discrimination. I have slept with a man from time to time and sometimes I give up on a job because I think, well, I am gay, I won't be given that job.
As much as I might actually be bisexual, it doesn't matter.
You might say it's my glass is half empty point of view but there is a lot of media out there and a lot of fear. I prefer the word fear to paranoia because I don't think the fear is unfounded. Paranoia is unfounded fear.
It was exactly this combination of factors that kept me from getting a job in the post office back in 1977.
That was when Anita Bryant was so big. I was a Bowie guy and my elder cousin heard of a job available at the post office in University City. I took the exam and worried that a vet would beat my score but to my surprise I was called. I don't recall if it was a call for an interview or an introduction to the job, but I was having a lot of gay fantasies then and I just quit on it. I never went to the meeting, whatever it was.
What a year 1977 was. Elvis died and so did Bing Crosby. Groucho Marx died in '78.
I learned later that Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada also died in 1977 but that's no big deal.

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