Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speaking of Assasination

I've been very busy at my pitas blog. There's a link at this site if you want to go there.
It's seems a little sexist to me that we talk of the possibility of Obama being killed but not of Hillary. Just look at all the hate and venom being spewed at her. Reminds me of Bush attacking Iraq when Al Qaida was in the mountains of Afghanistan.

But we associate assasinations with men. At least those assasinated are men, the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr. and of course Jesus whose death say Christians redeemed the damned souls of mankind.

Joan of Arc, well no big thing. It was the Catholic Church that killed St. Joan. Burned her at the stake. The Catholic Church which she loved. Isn't that the damnable thing!!!

I said at Pitas and at TM doesn't anyone think with all this venom about get out, get out some madman - or woman, could get it into their head to get her out by violence?

I guess they will wait until it happens to be convinced it can.

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