Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FDR Revisited

I saw a couple of episodes of FDR Revisited on the History Channel last night.
How terribly sad about his polio and his death.
I thought a lot of my mom when I watched it. It was her era. A brother of hers was wounded in the war and died of his wounds. My polish uncle, the one married to mom's little sister also served in Europe. A cousin of my dad's was shot in Italy and lived with a metal plate in his head.
It was very moving for me watching this addendum on this hero of theirs. Whether people were racist or tolerant they all like FDR in my family.
You'll hear things like, "He put people to work," or "he made work for people."
I guess it moved me to think of a president that had a common thing like your job in mind as administered his government.
I never in my life thought I would not have a job when I grew up but that is how it has been. Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and G.W. Bush have done nothing that has enabled me to get a serious job. During the Clinton administration I had a work/study job through financial aid when I went back to school to study information technology. The certificate in business data processing that I achieved then has done no good in helping me obtain a job.
Bush has spent trillions on a war but nothing on helping me.

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