Monday, June 2, 2008

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

I'm getting very upset with Black Christianity these days. Barack Obama having thrown it into the limelight with his radical church.
Of course he says his religious beliefs were very conventional. Keeps him from being laughed at I suppose. Imagine a believer in Krishna running for president.
HOLY CRAP! Imagine a Krishna Conscious person running a state or representing the people better than this BUNCH of BANANAS.
Of a practicer of Siddha Yoga. I wonder about Baba being defamed as a child molester or as I just read, Swami Satchidananda being accused of sleeping with female followers. I wonder if the politicians are behind that.
I fine young fellow who used to visit this area was accused of sleeping around, too, his name was Yogi Amrit Desai. The total inattention to it all is what is most amazing. You might think the Guru is protected by the minority rights so big in our nation or the politically correct, but they are not, you find.
Less pressure on your meat eating. Nobody telling me I'm killing cows when I scarf down my hamburger. Is that the REAGAN DEMOCRATS?
It just pisses me off. I was posting over at TM (Taylor Marsh) and they were accusing her of being so far right wing because she posts news of new tapes from the infamous Obama church. They are not going to let Taylor into the convention so she can "smear" their nom.
I had to wonder was this one of the Black Christians for Obama. They aren't eating this turn the other cheek bullshit. I wonder if they would want to join Baba because he is not for that, but no, Baba might make them stop eating meat and that is their real GOD.
Social service is well and good but if you can have it with salami and mustard so much the better. That's why a young Obama doesn't go following the Jerry Brown way back in the 80's but turns to his radical black church which is fairly conventional religion. Yes, it hides behind the fairly conventional religion. And what good is the fairly conventional religion?
Isn't it this religion that Marx is talking about when he says religion is the opiate of the masses. What religion did he know?
It was only through reading that very UNCONVENTIONAL Bhagawan Rahneesh that I learned that the founder of Marxism was a JEW!!!
How many of you have read Martin Buber? He was well represented in Siddha Yoga's DARSHAN magazine. He was a jewish mystic.
To hell with the mystics though, we have our conventional religion, that has been so kind.

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