Monday, November 3, 2008

Here's to Victory Tomorrow

I've been reading a little about the victory we are hoping for tomorrow, Obama-Biden, Tim Cunha, Al Franken, Kay Hagan, Suzanne Kosmos and the rest of the Democratic Ticket.
I also read about the death of Obama's grandmother. My own mother died in 2007 and she was very dear to her grandchildren who are in their forties these days. I dreamed I was in the South Fallsburg Ashram, Shree Muktananda Ashram and I was calling mom at home. Or was I in Yankee Stadium? Well, I was in N.Y. and calling mom at home.
Dreams are funny that way. I hope Obama will know that his grandmother lives on in his Heart.


eddie89 said...

It is now July and Al Franken's Senate victory was confirmed just 2 weeks ago.
I'm happy about that.

eddie89 said...

Everybody mentioned here won in 2008 except Tim Cunha who ran in my own district and was defeated by that perennial Clifford Stearns.
He is running some home owners thing that is about either buying a home or getting a second mortgage I think. I don't belong to either of those categories. There are several houses on my canal that have been up for sale now for several years.
I'm sure Cliff has his own ideas on that that don't coincide with Obama's. He agrees very little with Obama. He was a Bush rubber stamp.