Sunday, January 11, 2009

Howie Long and his (too) masculine Silverado

I think Howie Long and Chevrolet's commercials for the new Silverado are offensive.
What's a real trucker anyway? I've found many of the truckers I've met to be uneducated bigots.
And these trucks are hardly the big 18 wheelers you associate with "trucking."
They're just pick-up trucks really.
If Howie wants to make his trucks real manly he should put a gun rack in the back of the cab.
That'll tell them sissies beware!

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eddie89 said...

You know I've been seeing a lot of the Ford 150 out there. Isn't that it's name.
It is a competitive product Howie.
Poor Howie, what's he going to do now that GM has folded.
Oh, well they are going to come out better than ever now aren't they?