Monday, October 25, 2010


Just found out this blog connects with Truth of the Present Moment. Gaaaahhhh! as one of my H.S. friends used to say.
Had some thoughts today about Krishna consciousness and Om Namah Shivaya. What a trip I had when I chanted Hare Krsna in 1979, I think it was. A whole other dimension. Why isn't Om Namah Shivaya like that? Well, I've had lots of thoughts about it but today I had a good view of it. What if a child should start to chant. Jesus, we don't need the kids having the kind of psychedelic trip I had when I chanted. I couldn't seem to maintain my high though, and came crashing down.
It's still a matter of faith here. I couldn't believe in being against abortion. That always came up with Krishna and from a realistic point of view could I quit smoking, drinking and having illicit sex back in '79. I only gave up smokes in 1991 just before my father died of heart disease and cancer.
There has to be a middle ground.
I must admit I gave a lot to chanting the Hare Krsna mantra. Is Krsna God, my answer would have been yes. The only thing was, I didn't like that Krsna wasn't Jesus, but his God, the Father.
The food was good, then and through the years and I was abjectly alone so it was nice to see people, especially very clean and quite polite though very serious young people.

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