Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Addendum

Should I have mentioned that before I tried chanting Hare Krsna I had an experience with thinking I was Christ. Christ, the Avatar, Christ the Buddha, Christ the Imam, Christ the Messiah. Just thinking about it it quite a thing. You don't have to be it, just conceive of it. I'm sure my daddy would have said I thought I was that BEING. He never found much to like about me and mine.

I suppose it means something different to me now that I hear all the fighting these days over the different religious beliefs. The idea of Christ being the head of all these religious, satisfying their scriptural prophecies, was that all religions are reflections of the same supreme God experience.
I read about it in A.A. Bailey's books first and later I read Yogananda said God appears to all adepts through their own beliefs. If you believe Jesus is the supreme expression of Love and compassion then that's how God appears to you, if you believe Muhammad expresses that, then it is Muhammad he appears as, if Krishna, then Krishna, if your Self, then your Self, if Buddha, then Buddha.

But we all fight, these days about Muslims and Christians. There are some who fight between Christian life and the "New Age" or alternative religious experience, but no one believes God expresses himself through all the religions, one is true and the others are not. We are very simple minded now it seems to me.

We are all quite clear on what are particular superior God wants, too. Many I learn, know what their God wants by faith. Seems like a roll of the dice to me. In an even later book I read such ideas of God are called God concepts. It speaks of how our concept of God has evolved over the millenia culminating in what it thinks in its own faith filled belief is the ultimate concept, that of the Father.

I don't know about that. All faith seems to be about things working out. Have faith that you'll get a job, have faith that you'll find good friends, have faith that the world won't destroy itself. You know. Maybe I will need to have faith that it is so that God functions through all forms of religion and other philosophical systems as well. Maybe through such a system as science he can reveal how diabetes is cured, or multiple sclerosis is made less serious. I can't then think that only through science does God express himself, can I? I don't think so.

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