Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not Reading

Not reading lately the lessons. I got stuck on some girl, a woman I think, who said that Ram shortchanged her. He had to take some time in the lesson to handle her. Don't you wonder when he will handle you? He talks about being a writer but what has he written besides those lessons? Has he ever written a book? Fiction?

I hate the personal attitude of the lessons. It's like your sitting there talking to him and I hate that. Like a chess game, your turn, his turn. He takes no responsibility for his authority, his age, his cultural affinities. I like to hear that he is from Mississippi. It makes me feel even more distant. I grew up in New York. My whole family did. I can just imagine the son of a bitch growing up in the DEEP SOUTH.

No politics, just bullshit about the mind, what it's about, how to USE it.

OK, you want literary criticism, I don't think it flows. A correspondence couse is not talking to someone personally. If you want to argue points of logic I wish I could get my philosophy teacher on you. You could argue with him 'til you are BLUE in the face.

Should you be looking at the author of an article? I'm tired of looking at Ram Butler. There is nothing but flesh to him. I'm sick of his floating around my room, his deep voice, his over masculine mannerisms. There's no man like a yogi man, I guess, no man at all.

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