Friday, May 6, 2011

A Grateful Heart

On the night of Baba's 60th birthday Gurumayi had her first experience of merging into Baba's being. She felt that Baba and her inner Self, the Atman, were one and the same. I was reading about this in "From the Finite to the Infinite." It is called Gurubhava where one feels no difference between one's self and the Guru. At that time one feels oneself no different from anything and all is the Self.
Later in the talk Gurumayi says, "Gratitude is the core of all accomplishments. Gratitude brings true happiness and contentment. Gratitude is a great healer. Someone who has experienced gratitude said, 'gratitude to God makes even an earthly blessing a taste of Heaven.' "

In the book of questions and answers called "From the Finite to the Infinite," a question arises about form and formlessness. In the 12th chapter of Jnaneshwari, a commentary on the Bhagavad-gita by Jnaneshwar, Jnaneshwar says that "worship of the Absolute is better than worship of the form."

When I was trying to pay bills and selling my house I sold a collection of tapes to a fellow who later became a friend in England.They were "Gurumayi on the Bhagavad-gita." I had bought them, 7 tapes, from SYDA for $300 on sale. I wanted to make as much as I could on them. I put them up for $75 as I recall. Unfortunately the shipping duty to England cost my friend so much that he ended up paying $150. Apparently the authorities made $75, too. I didn't know about valuing my property. I should not have said the tapes were worth $75, what I was selling them for because that cost me so much in duty, which I paid as I was of a habit to pay whatever they wanted in those days. My friend, Pankaj, paid me the $150 for the tapes, paying the duty I had to pay to ship them to the U.K.

I later offered to send him more tapes since I had learned of the duty situation, but I never did. The tape I am looking at now, "The Grateful Heart" was one of them. It cost me $100 originally which I thought was some kind of really high price. It is a great tape, though, a great talk, shot in Ganeshpuri on Gurumayi's birthday in 1990. She speaks of man's belief that he is superior to other living being in the world and explains how he is not but finishes with this, "Yet,when the human heart brims over with gratitude to God and the Guru it is matchless and unbreakable.The heart which holds gratitude is unbreakable.This love in the heart is what makes a human being more precious than all the treasures of this world put together. Understand in every heart there is love therefore everyone is Great."

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