Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ate more meat

Ate more GD meat today. Brown n Serve sausages from Jones. I really prefer Parks. It brings me back to the old days when my brother used to sing the jingle to the Parks sausages commercial at breakfast time, "More Parks sausages, mom." Let me find that on You Tube. Couldn't. Found protest. A rap singer calls himself vegemintarian and he sings, no more parks sausages mom. Parks, I've learned from his website, was a black owned company. There were no Parks sausages available at Sweet Bay in Gainesville, FL, just Jones and Banquet. Didn't trust Banquet.

I was going to continue on my meditation practice but with all the shit going down about my meat eating I don't think I will. Thank the Hare Krsnas. What made me ever visit them?

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