Monday, May 9, 2011

Ms. Ellerbee, Rosie Perez, the darshan line and a starbucks on an interstate in Florida

I wanted to post to Ms. Ellerbee about claiming to have seen her at Gurumayi's birthday intensive, in the darshan line. Linda sent me an apology after sending me a note stating she was not there. The note was kind of short tempered I thought and I commented on her position in this world and my own and she replied with an apology for that spirit.

I would offer my own apology now. I visit Starbucks quite often. Coming back from Ft. Lauderdale where I attended an event given by Prem Rawat my friend who had come along for the ride, and I, stopped into a rest area. There was a Starbucks there and I purchased a coffee. This sounds irrelevant up to now but it was the woman who served me, and I really don't remember even if I actually got coffee but mostly that I saw this woman, looked exactly like Rosie Perez. I didn't know Rosie so well then but I had seen her in movies like White Men Can't Jump and others. It couldn't be, though, my mind said to me and I still agree but the whole vibe said it was, except what would a major movie star be doing working at a rest station Starbucks? Were they doing a movie on those shootings here in Florida so many years ago? Certainly didn't seem to be. This was just a woman who looked like a movie star to the T as they say. It was amazing. And so I must imagine it was with you. Some women who looked like you to the T was there in the darshan line at the Shree Muktananda Ashram in 1992. I'll never trust my senses again.

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