Monday, September 26, 2011


Never felt so desperate in all my life and Ram is talking about replacing, and the other prophets as mom would have called them (never should have called her momma, all the Brooklyn thugs are attracted by that). They used to talk about brain damage from drug use, Christ did these cab drivers from Brooklyn do drugs? God help us.
I am no longer going to use that word that is the english for frere. It disgusts me. It only means hate to me. Somehow I get the experience of it making me real though. I was hated by a lot anonymous souls in 1978. Hell, hate was going on before that. UF on the corner of 13th St. and University Ave. in town ought to stand for UnForgiving rather than University of Florida.
I can't swim so I know what it feels like to feel like you're drowning. I feel that way with my bills. Hell, i have no job. I'm supposed to forget but I am remembering. Ah, forget it.

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