Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Father

D.R. Butler refers to the Father again. His Christian references sometimes bother me. In UB we speak of Divine Parent, but it does speak of the Father concept of God being supreme. To one who has never read the Urantia Book what does that mean. He will go on speaking in neanderthal Christian terms. Adidam doesn't appreciate the Father idea. He doesn't like to be referred to as a parent. He's not your Daddy, he has said. I should capitalize that h but I don't follow Adidam so I suppose I don't have to.
Lesson 33. What an impossible lesson it has been to get to and read. I start reading and it makes me stop.
The Father thing though, it's at the end and it just isn't so great. UB calls him the Paradise Father and says that he lives in the Central Universe of Havona on the Paradise Isle. I don't get to study UB very much anymore. No readers.
That's a geat teacher though that won't familiarize himself with some of your shit. I wish I could have gotten to read that Course on Miracles that was so popular at the Florida Students of the Urantia Book conference in Leesburg and I think even at the International Conference in Tennessee. Not enough people, not enough community.

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