Monday, October 31, 2011


I know symcgainesville likes my voice but people in my family don't. It's always begging and they don't
want to hear that. Not that I like to hear theirs unless they have some support to give.
My family has used that word support in many different ways. I hardly know what it really means anymore

My mother said once in 1977 that she would be supportive. It sounded a lot like she meant support if and she had said as much many times. If I got a job, she once said, she (and the old man believe it or not) would match the salary for me. She also looked for jobs for me in the Penn Railroad, now Amtrak. They wanted a Bachelor's Degree to begin with. My brother got a job with 4 years in the Air Force. I wonder if they think that's the equivalent of 4 years in college. I only completed 2, getting an Associates Degree. I wallowed around for a while at the University but they weren't much Fun. I've had jobs washing dishes, doing construction, as a cashier, as a library hand and delivering newspapers. Oh, and as an office assistant at Santa Fe College's Department of News and Journalism, my last job 12 years ago, part-time, at $5.15 an hour. Aren't I DUE?!!!

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