Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prem Rawat, Attachment

Feelings are everything. Prem Rawat says this
in a recent talk.
I have heard him say before, “love is a feeling.”
He has also disputed the second half of Baba’s
saying, God lives within you as you. Yes, God
lives within you but he is not you.
He spoke in this talk in Barcelona about words
and feelings. It was contrary to what D.R was
saying in the last lesson. He says people lie.
They will say you look beautiful and you know
they don’t mean it. D. R. speaks of our taking
these things the wrong way. Someone flatters
you and you take it to be a lie. You take it to
be something other than it is. That’s okay. It’s
about being in touch with your feelings. What
really matters to you? Your looks?
This morning I was remembering attachment.
Non-attachment really. We were really busting
for that back in the mid-70’s and suddenly we
were all without one another. It was forced
non-attachment. Still there were attachments. Just
not the preferred attachments. Not our buddies,
not our girlfriends. No school, no job.
It goes on and on though. The “renunciation”
never stops but it’s not voluntary renunciation.
It is forced upon us by our circumstances.
Prem Rawat calls in knowledge. Siddha Yoga
calls it kundalini awakening or shaktipat.

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