Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still have the Tooth

I can't remember how long ago it was the filling in one of my front teeth fell out and the tooth itself began to chip away. I took it to a dentist who cleaned my teeth and she told me $1300.00. There were plans to help me pay but they all depended on my being employed.

It appears lots of people are foregoing dental. I've seen some people with hardly no teeth in their mouth. Am also aware that some of the Pagan advocates have some "beliefs" about teeth. I put beliefs in quotes to avoid saying superstitions. I remember one purported psychic who had only one tooth in his mouth. Of course in poor rural areas it has not been uncommon to forego the expensive dental procedures. One woman at the Saturday Farmer's Market had a remarkably near toothless mouth and I thought to myself that mine wasn't so bad. Just need that crown. Of course I will have to pay my rent and utilities before I can hope to have the dental work done. I am also aware it can be done cheaper at the University in Gainesville by dental students.

I wanted to add a picture here but I was unable.

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