Saturday, March 31, 2012


I was reading a book about realizing your dreams and importance of creativity to business organizations, Disciplined Dreaming by Josh Linkner. I kind of browsed, reading sections that looked good to me but I had to drop it as it got into big things I didn't understand. Still I was happy to hear that creativity is important. Then I moved on to Michael Moore's new book, Here Comes Trouble. I found a Big Print version and started with it. I may check it out. He speaks of his speech at the Academy Awards and the unfortunate reaction.
Michael Moore is a creative person. I am so glad to hear that drones and yes men are not businesses or any othe organizatons are looking for. If creative business is what interests you you should look into this book.
Kind of hungry today. Out of food stamps 'til the 5th and only $5 in my wallet. Other worries, too. God is not hearing my prayers, seems to me.
I wrote a comment to D.R. Butler at Living in the Truth of the Present Moment. I am reflecting on my experiences with Krsna and feel conflicted following Siddha Yoga. I compare the two in my head and reflect on how books I have read have changed my thinking over the years. The Urantia Book expresses the opinion that Jesus did not teach reincarnaton. A book I read some years before that, Autobiography of a Yogi says he did. UB also disputes the idea of karma and astrology but agrees wit the Yogi in saying that the atonement of man's sins on the cross is a false idea. So, I am more distant from both paramparas, Krsna and Siddha in accepting UB's view.
I don't read UB much anymore. I still believe in holy names and meditation.
I had an experience chanting Hare Krsna in the late 70's akin to what Baba calls shaktipat or kundalini awakening. It ended kind of bad. It was somethng where I had no teacher, no guide in it and I went fly up and falling down.

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