Friday, April 6, 2012

Siddha Yoga

I had discovered Siddha Yoga in the late 70's, around 1978 and 1979. I visited a center here. I also visited the Krsna Center and I had an interest in Prem Rawat, Maharaji. I lost the Siddha center I couldn't find it, so I searched the telephone book. I looked in the regular white pages where residences are listed, but whose residence. Then I looked under business because I figured churches and schools were listed there and they did do commerce in offering the intensives and workshops. So, I found a busines, not the center itself and the business, which sold Blue Pearl incense, told me where I could find the center.
The idea that Siddha Yoga or the Siddha Meditation is very frowned upon by the center goers. Mostly it has been women who have been quite upset that I would call this intensive thing business. An intensive cost $500 in those days.

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