Monday, April 2, 2012

Yesterday, April Fool's, Post to Truth of the Present Moment Blogspot

Thinking of Laurel and Hardy yesterday, usually "I" had thought of Stan Laurel and his personality but not I am more aware of Mr. Hardy's. William Hardy, wasn't it?
He was not really an in charge guy like we projected him to be. He was pretty much as hopeless as Stan. It takes a thing like homelessness to show you the helplessness the big fat guy feels.
"I" wonder if Abbott and Costello are the same. "I" have for years resented Bud Abbot's meanness to Lou, but lately "I" have been seeing that Lou really IS stupid and that can be hard to take.
Now, in the lesson where you speak of this radiating of love. You notice "I" have been putting "I" in quotes? That's because I just got "my" discomfort with the radiating thing. It is the EGO. It is thinking "I" am doing it.
"I" like very much this idea of the non-doership of the personal self and rather the doership of the Lord. "I" am reading about the Five Acts of Shiva, is it? If the Lord is the doer of all why the breaking down of all acts to these 5, "I" wonder.

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