Monday, June 25, 2012


It was so amazing. Gurumayi appearing in public. Offering videos for her devotees.
I had gone to the Guru Gita and Jayne and I celebrated the fact that we chanted the
Guru Gita on Gurumayi's birthday. There had been a celebration on Wednesday of
Gurumayi's birthday but this was the anniversary of her true birthday.
I went home and then I went to my favorite cafe for some reason. I am so broke these
days that I dare not waste the single dollar that can get me a good cup of coffee there,
but I went anyway, feeling I had missed them there and rationalizing it maybe with
some of Ram's instruction. I think it has also been said generally that it is your feeling,
your "bhav" that matters. The bhav of the present moment creates the future which
really doesn't exist because all there is is this present moment, which the Shaivists
call Shiva.
So, I had a delightful cup at Maude's Cafe, admiring the form of one of the employ
there as she hung up some new art as well as her speaking as she responded to a
gentleman I know who asked her a question about her relationship to the artist of
the works she was hanging. She did not know him, she said. So then I went home
and I got on the computer and I went to Facebook and Scott Marmorstein had
posted this wonderful post about Gurumayi having a video up. The link Scott posted
was the third video, the Prayer for Peace. Oh, it was so wonderful, so full of PEACE.
You know we are not at peace when we don't have what we need? We are not at
peace when we don't have enough money or what we like to eat. So many things
disturb our peace. Ultimately, it is the ego which stands in the way of our peace.
I was so happy to see Her. In 3 videos.
Later in the night I reflected on how auspicious this was. Wasn't this her first
public appearance in years? I know that has been a big stew on the Net how
Gurumayi has not been appearing in public. Certainly she is not making videos.
This was wonderful, this was SOMETHING!!! This was BLESSING!!!
The whole birthday bliss month is a wonderful thing and you should go see it
at the website,

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