Friday, August 31, 2012

Forgive, Forget

I'm sorry for that post using the perjorative for white and black people.
I had had a hard time with some young, also homeless friends of mine
with whom I had been working. They are strong young men who work
very hard but may not be so educated. They have had different life
experiences. I guess I expected them to be like some friends from college
or high school. We hardly know each other and don't even know of each
other. There are no reputations, we were just homeless folks who exploited
each other for what we needed.
That's it. The fact of our race is a something the ego cooks up, just like
the facts of politics and religion. Forgive me for it. I will take it down
My feeling is that the election involves this kind of white backlash. At
least that is what the GOP is trying to cook up. Maybe there is not
enough out there to harmonize our differences. Work, self-sufficiency
would be helpful. It's hard to ask a 59 year old white college educated
man to go out and work in the sun 8 to 12 hours, that is, work without
air conditioning in Florida. It's hard to expect young black men listening
to rap who have never been to college to understand things like mantra
and meditation and the Guru. So how could we work with each other to
each other's benefit?
I blew up was all that happened and I hope whomever reads these postings
will forgive me for exposing them to that dark side of my personality.

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