Monday, August 13, 2012

Here is something new and unusual. The subject of partying came up in an article in Salon called "Should the South secede?" and it was mentioned a love of partying here in the south. This was something the author could appreciate. He had a problem with the God ideas they have especially the literal interpretation of the Bible and how in the South being religious can be your ticket to power. Laws exist because it says someting in the Bible, the literal word of God. I don't like that either. He didn't cover the hatred for that in the South. The hatred for religion, for preachers, for Jesus. They hate these things because they impinge on sex, intoxication and other personal behaviors, such as smoking, cursing and staying out late at night. Yes, even yoga, a discipline which I ascribe to, not especially the hatha yoga but the Indian philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, the Guru Gita, service to the Guru, meditation and repetition of the Holy Name, which comprises the love of chanting, is victimized but this hatred of all things religious. We see this in the Western Cowboy as well which many southerners identify with. The West also is like another  country. Maybe we should let it be itself as well although the same situation exists with them where they love their lives, they do not hate their lives so they can gain eternal life. Many westerners are not cowboys but swingers and rockers and hippies and so forth. Of course LGBT is in both places.
So love of partying came to mind as a bridge for us all. I remembered this morning that my brother Bill had some parties thrown for him. They were my first parties where loud music and drinking existed, dancing and so forth. The principle party was at his wife's parent's house. They had a little bar in their cellar and they threw Bill a birthday party. But, Bill loved to party. He was an Elvis man. I was appreciating the fact this morning that Bill was not an alcoholic, never drank in front of me that I can remember and certainly was never drunk and never vomitted as you know many alcoholics do. I was grateful for that because he was a noticable feature in my younger life and could have adversely impressed me in this way, though I doubt mom would have trusted him with me if he had been the "party animal" we all know about.
It's important to be grateful and to count our blessings. Bill's trustworthiness was one of my blessings.

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