Monday, August 13, 2012

Say you're sorry, The Doormat.

My step-sister, Barbara Corcoran, used to get upset with her husband that he accepted to much shit and she called him a doormat. I know about that. It's being polite in many cases. When he finally came to know he was being doormat maybe he would change but then I'm not Barbara and John who were separated by death in 1979. They had been married 18 years and had 3 children, 2 girls and a boy.
I experienced the doormat experience today when Scott Marmorstein, a self-described healer, asked me to not mention a personal relationship with one Michelle Synnestvedt. It was as if I was his advertising. "Oh, please don't mention my relationship." But, no it wasn't that polite. He charged me, he ordered me to not mention such a thing. This is on Facebook. I don't write for a paper or anything. I just share what I know and what I learn of on the Net. I was following Ram Butler's blog, D.R. Butler's blog on the net where they both have posted. I don't hardly know them except through Ram.
Enuf said.
I am homeless. He has done nothing for me but try to sell on my page for which he pays not a dime. I have auto insurance to pay. I could use more food money to stay vegetarian and avoid the homeless kitchens that believe in meat. I could use some money for gas. I could use some money for shaving supplies, over the counter medicine, and what about just relaxation? HE RECENTLY FLEW TO INDIA. And there visited with a becoming famous sadhu named Baba Rampuri.
Ah, maybe he is just joining his friend D.R. who has also been ugly to me on Facebook, bitching about posting on his wall and the space I took up. What an ASS! It's hard to predict the geniuses of yoga though, isn't it? So, I unfriended him continuing in his "course of training" and have sent requests to friend again that he never accepted. So now their both together, Marmorstein and Butler. I'm getting some free lessons from Ram and Kay so maybe I should also be a cow again and not say anything, but I won't. I don't appreciate that part of myself so I'm changing it.

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