Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That Guy!

A younger woman at Maude's Gourment Coffee Shoppe might have said I was That Guy when I was getting chai last night. Thought about it today. You can be a bad guy. It's how you want it? You shape the Self as we are not seeing the real Self but a manufacture of the Ego and Mind. So, it can be good which is nearer the Truth of the Real Self or you can be bad which is farther away from the Truth of the Real Self.

Last night it didn't go so well with the woman but today I reflected she was maybe helping me. Like I will think of myself as being a closeted bisexual. Why? The samskaras. Why think I am the awful closeted one? Conditioning, the automaton. It's not like you just flip the switch and then say you are the out bisexual. Just be yourself.

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