Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The President

I get real nervous about the presidential elections. I was supremely frustrated when Bush defeated Gore. Gore had been behind in the polls by 3 percentage points and he had come back to win - the popular vote. I was so disappointed that the election was stolen by the Supreme Court.

This election, although Obama and our majority in congress didn't do what we had hoped I think a lot of good came out of it. We are out of Iraq. We are leaving Afghanistan. We have had success in other parts of the mideast with our foreign policy. Obama has done quite well on foreign policy and I think we are improving at home. You know when they talk about unemployment they talk like it is Obama behind it all. I was unemployed throughout all of the Bush years. Only under Clinton did I have a part time, work/study job. It is something personal to me. I think I am disliked in the area, for whatever reasons. Many of my friends from the old days have had jobs and have jobs now. It seems to be an issue. Really, it is politics. There may be other factors. Maybe they don't think I'm true. My dad seems to be an issue. He was a worker. A hard worker. Not one of those workers unite workers. He was a scab at times. He hated unions and that's what's what. My mom belonged to a union and so did he but she didn't put them down, she just showed me the dues tickets for Mutual Beneficial Association of Rail Transportation Employees. The MBA. Even in her retirement she was paying them and it seemed like she had enrolled me somehow. It was kind of weird or queer if you'll have that.

So, the election is close as they said it would be and I had hoped it wouldn't be. I had hoped they would see Obama's trying to reach across the aisle. Certainly he lost a lot of friends on the democratic left doing that. How can Romney say he hasn't tried? It may have been his damnation. In fact it was assumed that Hillary would not try if you recall that intense battle for the nomination in 2008. There was a lot of talk about LBJ and MLK. Somehow there was support for MLK getting things through congress. Obviously, LBJ had neither the charm nor the reputation to win black voters in the south, but he was smart about getting things done. He did have a martyred president to work with. That is, a young and vital president who was taken from us too soon.

I really believe who becomes president will affect me and this more than from the psychological view of the president being who I voted for. But, I do believe in that psychological thing. I wonder how valid it is that I am being helped by the one I voted for or even how I may be deluded because I let my vote get in the way of the reality of what is happening to me. What is happening to me is more of a social reality. The social reality and the economic realities are related , of course, because nobody gives jobs to those they dislike unless they are so extremely qualified they can't avoid it.

On that note, lets end this. Vote Democrat, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! R is not my favorite letter.

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