Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MAUDE'S is so full of shit its eyes are brown.

Yeah, they just got sick of the filth from St. Francis leering at their buxom waitresses. And now they save a free coffee. I had a full card. Anybody want it? It'll be a cold day in Hell before I go back to that SHITHOLE! 

Oh, but all this anger isn't like us Holy Siddha Yogis. I know. I know. I know. They don't run that SHITHOLE over there. That's why breakfast, bacon and egg on a bagel is sold all day. 

At night comes the beer and wine. You can have it in the afternoon I guess. Don't know when they start selling that shit but no doubt it is their big seller. That's why they can't keep the coffee hot, I figure. Waitin' on the drunks to come in. There's the BIG LOVE!

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Eddie Bryan said...

Haven't posted it here but I went out with a woman who lived near Maude's so that is where we met. No big stew. No dude in the black hat who reacted to my Facebook comment about the coffee like he owned the GD place. Nice reaction from some of the older waits who were there. That was nice.
Now I've been ticked off at Coffee Culture, 13th Street location. They had to have a word with me about using my debit/credit card to purchase a coffee. It wasn't worth it to them. Oh, they had no sign. I only had $15 in the account. Now I have only $5. I got gas. It was the last of the loan excess that was sent to me by Sallie Mae or Argosy, whomever. Yeah, so I have heard about the charges to credit. So sorry I couldn't bring the hard green cabbage to you CC. I've known for years that Maude's would charge extra for cards. Not a problem with SB you know. They are more expensive though. But who cares. It's just a buck, right? Who really cares. You make 'em, I don't, fuck me.