Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Wow! What an organization, huh? Did you notice when you grew up that big brothers no longer gave a damn about you? It was likeyou were an extension of their egos. Now it was for you to marry, accomplish something and so forth. You were on your own. No more listening to music they played or wearing the clothes they wore. It was all up to you. MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES. That was a phrase mom embraced and it sounded good but you didn't know who was listening in or watching you. Are  you going to choose smoking marijuana, well, then the police were there to bust you? Were you going to be gay? Well, then the church and the bros would have some moral questions for you. Choices. MOM was going to let you make your own choices. Trouble was I already had and had been doing so for quite a while. I was 23.

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