Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Study this, or That

So, I've read about cannabis use and schizophrenia. What about meditation and schizophrenia, especially under the guidance of an adept or realized one. I guess TM would be the first they would use. What about Krsna Consciousness? Are there spiritual masters working with schizophrenia? I recall a woman who worked with AIDS, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. She was in Yoga Journal. Had a friend got angry with Yoga Journal for a color drawing on its cover showing Baba leading his disciples off of a cliff. Baba stayed aloft but the disciples fell. The drawing was on the order of something from Back to Godhead. You know their wonderful art. It was like a pastel. It was ridiculous. Yoga Journal was/is big on hatha yoga and all the physical yoga things but they are not much on the philosophy of the living masters or the unity of all religious philosophy. That's why I don't read it.
I wonder if any schizophrenics follow Gurumayi. I wonder how many have had her Darshan and received Shaktipat.

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